Statement and Process

As a child, I was fascinated by the concept of the “Abstract and Concrete.” During my grammar exercises, I would hastily do the “concrete” section so I could focus on the “abstract” portion of the lesson. I was mesmerized by emotions— love, fear, sorrow, joy— the list goes on of what drastically affects us yet we cannot touch.

I am not interested in representing the reality of the world as directly seen. My intent is to give you the layers underneath: the emotions, the spiritual exoskeleton of the human race and of nature. I feel that humanity suffers with the affliction of appearances. How things “should be.”

While viewing my work, the only “correct” way to see is through your own experience. I hope my work will be a lens for you, whether that lens is a mirror, a window, or perhaps even a memory. When asked what I paint, I used to find myself scrambling for a category. However, life and experience do not fit into one category. My work encompasses my personal experiences, world travels, and overall the human condition, for better or worse.

The best way to describe my process would be unplanned. Rather than try and control the creative process, I attempt to harness the chaos. I work with mixed-media including house paint, spray paint, acrylic, ink, and a variety of texture-building mediums. I can often be found outside on my deck pouring, spraying, and throwing paint. My paintings, even when I try to plan them, often become their own entity. This process can, at times, be terrifying but overall is invigorating.