Biography and Statement

Artist Bio 

Sarah Hunter graduated from Saint Vincent College in 2012 with a BA in Studio Art and minors in Art History and Psychology. She is a painter, potter, and private art instructor working with all ages. Her work includes expressions of humanity, elements of nature, and pure abstractions. Patterns play a prominent role in her work as they symbolize the complexity and deep history beneath every first impression.

 Her work can be found throughout Alleghany, Cambria, and Westmoreland County, including Main Exhibit Gallery, The Manos Gallery, Green Beacon Gallery, downtown Greensburg’s Art in the Alley, and Bottle Works River Art Walk. She has also shown in many solo, juried, group, and open shows.

In addition to displaying her work regionally Sarah is a dedicated member in the art community as a teacher and volunteer. She serves on the Executive Board and Gallery Committee at Greensburg Art Center, gives private art lessons, and is an active member of Pittsburgh Society of Artists.

Artist Statement 

For me the process of creating is intimate and therapeutic. Oftentimes I find myself entirely guided by intuition. My experiences and those of others sprawl out on the canvas. While I delight in telling stories on the canvas I also enjoy making making functional pottery to be part of YOUR story.

I am deeply inspired by the human experience, the complexity and richness to each life is a story that longs to be told. I am interested in depicting the feeling, the rawness, and the patterns we create in our lives. My intention is for the viewer to experience these things through their own lens. Perhaps they are looking back at themselves, or possibly the piece will move them to a deeper understanding of another.

My depictions of nature bridge the divide that has been attempted to separate nature and humanity. The constant destruction and struggle for power over women and the natural world does not go unnoticed by me. Yet despite all this we persist, we grow, we make the world a more nourished and beautiful space. We exist despite being treated as worthless, disposable, and decorative. Our purpose expands beyond all the barriers placed. We are unstoppable, we are the wild.

As an artist I will never limit myself to one medium or subject matter. My voice echoes across a variety of artistic expressions and I feel that makes it all the stronger. My hope is that my work inspires. If I am able to make a connection with the viewer, if they are able to have their own experience, then the piece is a success and my purpose has been served.